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O.E.M vs. After Market Batteries…Why Choose Us?

Product Quality

The quality of after-market batteries has always been a question we are concerned about. Many after-market batteries do not fit as well as the OEM version.

We are a small company that strives for perfection in our manufacturing process – from initial tooling to listening to any customer concerns. The batteries are made here in U.S. with highest standards of quality controls. This insures you the highest quality and the batteries meet or exceed the O.E.M.’s specifications. Why rely on a factory in a foreign country with questionable standards? We take pride in standing behind our product and our service.

Cell Types/Quality

“Most O.E.M batteries have higher quality Japanese cells in them. After market batteries use less reliable Chinese made cells.”

Because we manufacture our batteries, we are able to install the type of high quality cells you can depend on. Our primary cell’s are Sanyo and Panasonic. These are the highest quality cells on the market with the best reliability. Some people prefer to save money on the initial investment and buy the lesser quality battery only to suffer losses in performance at crucial times and loss of time with continuous recharging. Time is money, so buy the best.

Warranty/Guarantee / Competitive Pricing

“The supplier that we use has a strong warranty/guarantee period. ”

Our standard warranty is 18 months for NiCad and 12 months for NiMh and Li-ion, Competitive pricing to quote, if we don't have the lowest price for top of the line quality radio batteries let us know.

We will beat any listed or quoted price with just a few basic requirements:

  • The battery is advertised/quoted brand new for sale by a battery dealer or manufacturer. Price can be obtained from a web site, newspaper ad, phone quote, written quote or invoice.
  • The price is not due to a "closeout", "discontinued" item sale or "going out of business sale" where items are dumped below dealer cost.
  • The item purchase does not require a coupon or club membership.
  • The item is not priced as a package deal with other items.
  • Lower Price must be shown before making a purchase (don't buy then shop - shop then buy!)
  • Email us with the printed advertising information from the competitions website, or printed advertisement with prices or you may fax us with the price information if you want. After verification we will beat the competition with the lowest price!
Combined Wireless vs. Competition

“Compared to our current supplier, what makes Combined Wireless unique?”

Unlike the other battery suppliers, locally or online, Combined Wireless provides our customers with on site personal service in the following areas: all of San Diego county, Riverside county, Imperial county as well as most counties in Arizona. We offer private labeling at no extra charge.

Look to Combined Wireless for friendly support, and the most knowledgeable techs in the business, no other company comes close.

Note: Be aware! Many dealers do not have the technical knowledge of the batteries they sell, we have found this to be a common complaint among our customers. Most online Dealers may be selling products without technical support or valid warranty. These dealers may be selling refurbished or counterfeit OEM batteries.

We challenge you to do your research about other companies that sell batteries before calling us. You will find that they are not available to follow up on service or as knowledgeable as we are.

Got a battery question?

Call us toll free at 1-800-399-8710

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